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How Does an Aquaponic System Work?

By on 07/17/2016

The Aquaponics Cycle

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An aquaponics system allows you to grow your fish and plants together using just a single system. So how does an aquaponic system work? It mimics how fish and plants interact naturally, and this growth system doesn’t produce any toxic waste. It doesn’t need chemical fertilizers and other nutrients for plants. The only additives you need are the natural chemicals you need for the water and the food you need to feed the fish.

It’s best to look at it as a cycle involving the tank for the fish and the grow bed for the plants. (more…)

What Is an Aquaponic System?

By on 07/14/2016

What Is an Aquaponic System?

Are you thinking of farming plants and growing fish? With aquaponics, you can do both at the same time using a single system. 

An aquaponic system is a way for you to farm both fish and plants together, using a cycle that mutually benefits both plants and fish. It’s actually a system that’s been in use for hundreds of years all over the world. It’s been in use for the longest time in rice paddies in Thailand and China. Even the Aztecs developed a similar system.

How Does It Work?

The basic idea is quite simple. The fish produce waste, which eventually become ammonia and nitrates. They’re bad for the fish when they build up too much, which is why you need to replace the water on a regular basis. On the other hand, they’re great for plants as fertilizer. The plants use up these nutrients, and so their roots filter out these dangerous compounds from the water. That’s just great for the fish as they get the recycled clean water.

Aquaponic System Diagram (more…)